Director's Post - Pre Production Trip 2

Hello Investors and Friends!!!

On September 19, 2008 we set out again for Bintan, Indonesia. This was our second pre-production trip.

The first goal of the trip was to start casting the Lead fisherman character as well as the Lead Mother and Son.

The second goal of the trip was to do some camera tests for the Sony Ex1 camera that we have chosen for principle photography.

This time we brought Alexa, the Director of Photography. It's priceless to see people's faces when they get their first glimpse of Tanjong Pinang and Kawal. Alexa was grinning ear to ear; and I will admit that I was grinning as wide as the first time.

The people, culture, and beauty are really one of a kind.

I was initially very concerned about trying to find a man in his 50's - 60's that would be able give his time for rehearsals and 12 hour work days for a full week. On top of that, even if we found men willing to do that, it didn't mean that they would be right for the role. So, the search began.

Now.... ever since that first weekend in Bintan - I had this feeling that is hard to describe.

When you relax and take in the environment you feel this energy running through its people and places. Everyone is genuinely happy and when it rains they don't run for cover but instead enjoy the way it feels on their skin. And that's life.

This second trip - I knew it. This place was a going to be magical for us, and we are lucky to find it and for it to have found us.

An hour later me, JC, Alexa, Ucok, and Sapril arrived at a house somewhere in the middle of many small winding alleys.

There we met Rivud, a 68 year old man. We talked for an hour with the help of Sapril who is my interpreter. This included many questions, playing a few games to analyze psychology, him singing to us, discussion of the script and life-death-nature-acting-love-etc-etc-etc.

I stepped outside for a fresh of breath air, shaking a little. We would keep searching just in case but my gut was jumping around screaming at the sky in excitement - YES!

For the rest of the day we did camera tests in Kawal. JC at the time was constantly working on taking location and transport photos for our insurance company.

Crew Boat

Floating Kalong

The next morning Alexa continued with camera tests.
Sapril, JC, and I went on a hunt for one more location I had written into the script. After a 30 minute hike along the coast we found what we were looking for.

New Location - Jetty

Me and Sapril

Then in the afternoon, we interviewed a few potential mothers and two boys. In my mind, the mother character was a bit fuzzy at the time since I was constantly rewriting the script at the time. Although the women we interviewed were nice, they didn't jump at me as possibilities.

From the two boys we interviewed I preferred one. His name is Roby - 10 years old. We did a few directing exercises to see how he would behave and play on camera. I wasn't completely sure but his smile is golden and lights up the room. We decided to see him again next time we would come.

That late afternoon we got on the boat and headed back to Singapore. JC, Alexa, and I stood sided by side looking over the railing at the sun setting over Bintan. For a while, we stood in silence looking out at the slowly disappearing coastline..... and we just smiled. (That part didn't really happen but I'm kinda tired and it was fun to write).

Thanks for reading!!!!