Director of Photography's Post - BACK FROM BINTAN

We recently arrived to Singapore from the set of Basil's film, our first international production this year. It was a truly rewarding and humbling experience that I know none of us will ever forget. Unfortunately, these pictures only give a glimpse of just how lovely the people and our surroundings were. But just wait for the film...

The boys of Kawal chivalrously rescued our sound reports from sinking into the ocean and taught us a couple of phrases in Bahasa: SELAMAT PAGI (Good Morning), APA KABAR (How Are You?), BAGUS (Good), TERIMA KASIH (Thank You), SELAMAT TINGGAL (Goodbye).

The Squat Team:

Basil Mironer - Director
Alexa Caravia - Director of Photography
Nicolas Pacheco - On-site Editor
Eric Elofson - First Assistant Camera
Shivani Khattar - Assistant Director / Producer
Rene Pannevis - Sound Man (Gone Fishing)
J.C. Crump - Producer (Gone Fishing)
Gu 'Chili' Qiao - Script Supervisor / Stills Photographer (Doing Her Job)

Rene, Eric and Alexa sit with the villagers of Kawal, three of whom are wearing "Weird Fish" T-Shirts! We miss them, but we'll all be heading back to Bintan in April for the premiere of Basil's film, which I know we're all equally excited about.