Director’s Location Scout Report #1


JC and I just got back from Bintan and it was nothing short of astonishing.

I can probably rant for hours on our 2 day / 1 night experience but I will concentrate strictly on the locations we found and secured.

JC will be following up with a post about the synopsis of our trip – including the many amazing people we met, the help we received, and our blooming relationship with the tourist department and government of Bintan.

Before I continue, I would like to say one thing - The people of Bintan never stopped smiling. I am in awe of their disposition and I am honored to be able to shoot Weird Fish (Ikan Langka) on their island.


When I was going through drafts of this script I was writing with a visual image in my mind.
Huts, faces, costumes, water, fish, boats, sky, props, etc etc etc......

To tell you the truth I was scared after I had written the first draft. I thought...


Without divulging too much information – let’s just say the location scout exceeded my expectations. We found all the locations I had in mind and more. In addition we have established an infrastructure there that will facilitate the film production.


There are three main areas of shooting all within 3 km of each other. Each is more beautiful then the next and teeming with culture and life.

JC and I each took about 500 photos, so as not to make you salivate I will post 15 of my 500.

These are purely location photos – and for the most part exclude the locals. Look forward to JC’s post for a more insightful look into the wonderful people of Bintan.

Teluk Bakau


Portable Kalong (house of main lead)

Along one of the village bridges (about 1/2 km out)

A glimpse of the fishing village on-water structure

Mouth of the River

Wide with long cement pier and Kalong.

Coconut Cemetery Forest

Burned coconut tree stumps next to cemetery.

Muslim graves.

Burned stumps and coconuts, graves in background.

Kawal Fishing Village

Fishing huts on stilts.

Some Chinese fisherman relaxing on the water.

Kawal houses and boats.

Kawal house on stilts with one in background.

Big fishing boat in Kawal.

Early morning.


There are of course tons of photos but this gives a general overview. Look forward to JC's post.

I would like to thank Sapril, our guide and translator, as well as Ucok our driver. Thank you for helping us this weekend. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ucok (left), Sapril (right)

Thank you for reading!!!

Basil Mironer (writer/director)